About us

In 2006, Victor, the founder of Piececool, who has more than 20 years of experience as a toy engineer, had a hunch that if metal material was used to make the Puzzles, it will be popular in the worldwide, so he started the road of creating metal Puzzles!

After four years of dedication, the first metal assembling 3D Metal Puzzles finally came out successfully in 2009. The following year, the metal assembly mold 3D Metal Puzzles for Adults received the national utility model invention patent, and the R & D design team also successfully designed metal mold 3D Metal Puzzles souvenirs for the Guangzhou Asian 3D Metal Model Puzzless and the Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion, and began to diversify the creation.

2012 Victor team created more diverse themes, more unique design, play more innovative metal assembly mold 3D Metal Puzzles, successfully entered and popular in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other markets, in more than 20 countries and regions around the world sales. The Hot sale Models: Piececool Flying Dutchman, Piececool Notre Dame, Piececool Black Pearl, Piececool Queen Anne's Revenge, Piececool Black Dragon

In 2014, the new brand - Puzzles officially in domestic operations, the same year the sale of 57 new products, categories covering construction, military, musical instruments and other categories, a sensation in the industry and players! In order to meet the different needs of the players, Punku always insists on innovation and always leads the industry. 2015, the PC series of iron box packaging mold 3D Metal Puzzles; 2016, with the help of metal coloring process, leading the metal mold 3D Metal Puzzles into the color era; 2019, the cumulative sale of 3d metal models more than 140 models, and the annual growth rate of double-digit hair new.

"The core value of Piececool is to create happiness and move for the creation of players! Piececool will create a new era of 3d metal models for Adults with craftsmanship, love and innovation!