Why Piececool 3D Metal Puzzle is More and More Popular

Why Piececool 3D Metal Puzzle is More and More Popular

1、As the 3D Metal Puzzle for adults can Improve coordination ability to stimulate people's reasoning and thinking ability and improve hand-eye coordination.
2, Piececool 3D Metal Models can Exercise logical thinking ability can effectively exercise people's logical thinking ability.
3、When you complete the 3D Metal Puzzle Building Kits, It can Cultivate patience and concentration ability to increase observation, cultivate patience and concentration ability.

Piececool 3D Metal Puzzles

The role of 3D Metal jigsaw puzzle specifically includes:
1, the development of intelligence can be hands-on brain, development of intelligence;
2, decoration can decorate the interior, placed on the desk, coffee table and other places;
3, enhance feelings can also be assembled with family or friends, not only to increase communication, but also to enhance feelings.

Features of Piececool 3D Metal Puzzle
1, high-grade realistic
The most important feature of the metal assembled model is high-grade realistic, long-lasting preservation and strong playability. Piececool 3D Metal Modelsis made of stainless steel or brass metal material, and traditional paper,
Compared with traditional paper, wood, plastic material model, metal material stability, high precision. Because of its material stability molded assembled parts are also more precise and accurate,
exquisite. In the surface treatment of metal material can be processed through a variety of processes, the grain is also more rich, delicate. Compared with other material models on the market, metal assembling models are more accurate and delicate.
Whether in the overall structure, or the details of the performance, the metal assembled model of the three-dimensional sense will be stronger, more realistic, preservation is also more durable.
Metal assembled model it has a natural metal texture and the attractive luster emitted by other material models can not be compared.

2、Strong playability
Piececool 3D Metal Models is a simple one-dimensional space directly promoted to four-dimensional space, and paper printing model one-dimensional to three-dimensional, wooden carving,
Plastic injection molding two-dimensional to three-dimensional compared to the metal assembled model is more playful, assembling more fun, more suitable for player-level model enthusiasts assembled.
Piececool 3D Metal Modelsis stronger in detail performance, for example: the building on the brick and tile, car tires on the grain, musical instruments on the strings can be through the laser technology to produce a strong sense of three-dimensional.
This is the general paper printing, wood carving, plastic injection molding made of can not be done, these near-perfect realistic three-dimensional sense is able to make the player to have a
In the process of assembling the strong experience of fun and sense of achievement, is a real player-level assembling model, rather than small toys.

3、Preserve more durable
The metal material is stable, and will not deform naturally under natural conditions without external force, and its state will remain stable.
The use of brass, stainless steel material metal model at room temperature dry noise weather in general will not fade, color once as new.
Piececool 3D Metal Modelsappeared, overcoming the paper model easy to deformation, poor structure, wooden model fading, less grain, plastic model stability is poor,
Easy to get old and many other problems.

The specific functions of Piececool 3D metal puzzles include:
1, beautify the home, enhance the home art effect, improve the artistic style and taste.
2, happy memory, with loved ones, family members to produce their own happy witness.
3, leisure fun, leisure fun companion, enjoy a person's happy time.
4, social gifts, a special gift, different, surprise and creative.
5, parent-child games, build parents and children to enjoy a cozy happy time, cultivate children's spatial imagination, logical thinking ability, build children's self-confidence and sense of achievement.

Three-dimensional puzzle play
According to the product shape assembly, assembly process can refer to the assembly instructions, but also can think for themselves, exercise three-dimensional composition ability.
It is a good helper for the growth of children and teenagers, and the leisure and entertainment of adults.

Three-dimensional puzzle toy series
World architecture three-dimensional puzzle
Exquisite architectural models, high degree of simulation, more suitable for modeling enthusiasts who like to challenge the difficulty of assembling; accompanied by a beautifully illustrated picture book.
Detailed introduction of the building culture, art, history, etc., to meet the "intellectual youth" to understand the needs of the architectural background.

Three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle of transportation
A collection of the world's famous cars, famous ancient ships, fun and knowledge.

Military model three-dimensional puzzle
Battleships, warplanes, aircraft carriers, space shuttles, can meet the ambition of military fans to set up a private arsenal.

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