What is 3D metal puzzle?

What is 3D metal puzzle?

Metal puzzles, also known as metal assembly models, are generally made of brass or stainless steel metal, assembled by metal splicing.
3D Metal puzzles for adults are different from ordinary puzzles, not only can be assembled through the parts of the way, exercise the ability to work with their hands and patience, but also enhance the cognitive observation of things, judgment and analysis ability.

Different materials: the more common 3D Metal puzzles on the market are paper, wood or plastic, metal puzzles are generally made of brass or stainless steel.
Visual experience is different: the puzzles on the market are generally two-dimensional plane puzzles, and metal puzzles, from pure one-dimensional space directly promoted to four-dimensional space, in the details of the performance is stronger, the visual impact is more shocking!
Preserve longer: the use of brass, stainless steel material metal model at room temperature dry noise weather generally will not fade, color once as new, compared with general materials, metal material is more stable.
Overcome the paper model is easy to deformation, poor structure; wooden model fading, less grain; plastic model stability is poor, easy to get old and many other problems.

Can the handicapped star play? Yes! Can play! Each set of products are equipped with detailed instructions, as long as the patience to make, every friend can make a beautiful work, placed in the home is very sense of accomplishment!

Piececool 3D Metal Models

Different types of 3D metal models for you to choose, the challenge starts from here ......
From plane to façade, it gives you different fun of assembling, enjoying a full sense of achievement and feeling the beauty of Chinese national style! Are you sure you don't want to join such an interesting and challenging activity?

3D Metal puzzles, so that the puzzle from two-dimensional to , from the simple pieces of the puzzle, to a more interesting overall construction, marvelous space, clever combination, put together a whimsical.
Together with your children, let your children use their brains to conceptualize, use their hands to create, through the reorganization of the fragments, exercise your children's imagination, but also enjoy the parent-child time together.
The finished product is not only the fruit of manual labor, but also an exquisite artwork full of Chinese style, which is a perfect home decoration at home.
If you don't have a suitable choice for your friend's birthday or a gift for your favorite person, why don't you give it to them, it's creative and interesting.

From scattered irregular shapes, put together, piece by piece, slowly become a beautiful work of art, experience the joy of creation from scratch, this is the most fascinating  puzzle.
Everyone is a born dreamer, the world of  puzzles, carrying the child's innocence and dreams. Maybe you are interested on Piececool 3D Metal Models.

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